Mel Rubi is a creator. At the age of 16, Rubi applied as an artist for Silverwolf Comics and was hired during the late 80’s. After a week of producing character concepts for his first comic project, Silverwolf Comics publishing company folded and Mel never had the chance to create a book then.

A few years later, Rubi mailed out several submissions to Marvel and DC only to be rejected over and over. After three years of trying, Chief Editor Tom Defalco welcomed him to Marvel during the 1993 WonderCon and that same day Rubi was also offered to work for Valiant Comics by Bob Layton.

Since the beginning of his comic career, he's gone to freelancing for a few more publishing companies such as Image, Darkhorse, and Dynamite.  You may recognize some of his work on Red Sonja, Star Wars, Doctor Strange, Punisher War Journal, Uncanny Xmen, Kiss, and Grifter.  By 2010, while freelancing,  Rubi worked as a full-time senior artist for Klicknation, to which led him to Bioware, and then Capital Games after the acquisition from Electronic Arts. Four years later, he moved to work for 5th Planet Games as contract.

Today, Mel is full-time on Clash of Kings published through Dynamite. As a side project, he works on his own book called Boundead through Wrought Iron Creations which he has founded. ​